Sunday, November 05, 2006

One Time.

I've always been a talker.

I think one of my strongest talents as a talker has been my masterful command of the one-liner or "zinger". You know, the comment that someone makes that just cuts to the chase and does it with style.
I don't usually do insults( mine are more of the silly, raunchy variety), but I have been known to pull off some pretty colorful shit. (The problem with trying to insult someone is if you are too intelligent with it, they just don't understand. Telling a retard that he's as smart as a paramecium isn't good. He's just not going to get it.)

But to see that MTV has a show all about trash talking is just going a bit too far.

Great, I'm glad Fez got some work after that 70's show ended, but come on, what the hell is this? Why would you even have a show that's all about belittling others in front of a National audience?

Better yet, do you think I could get on?
I mean, if money's involved, I'd tell a midget that the reason he's that tall is his momma swallowed the other half of the load.

That's MTV material right there.


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