Thursday, November 09, 2006

Belinda Stronach = Yoko Ono.

Fuck You, Belinda Stronach.

You're tearing apart Canadian politics like Yoko did the Beatles.

Every week I hear that someone else has insulted you. I don't think our Government has done any actual work since the whole thing hit the papers weeks ago. Can't we as a nation just accept the fact that you love the cock and move on?

It's time to heal, Canada.

Quit calling her a dog.
She's not that ugly. If you want ugly check out Betty Hinton. (I bet the picture wasn't on the propaganda for that one, eh?) Compared to her, Belinda's quite the cutie.

So what if she crossed the floor. Hell, if I was in Parliament and had to watch the way the Conservatives were floundering around, I would have left too. And the fact that it was also a way to dump her Conservative MP boyfriend? We should reward her for killing two birds with one stone.

Everyone is in an uproar about her affair with Tie Domi. It just proves that she has no taste in men. Has no one even noticed that this mean Tie Domi is a Liberal? Who'd a thunk that one?

I think the only way that Canada can overcome this rift that we have with Belinda is to have her Gang-Bang the entire Legislative branch on C-Span. Once everyone in the building has had a piece of her, I'm sure the enthusiasm for her will wane and they can focus on more important things - like running the country. (And think of the ratings! It might just top a Leafs - Sens game!)

Don't tell me that little minx hasn't sat in her chair in the House of Commons and had the same thought. I wouldn't put it past her. Someone sneak some Lemon Gin into the caucus room and watch the magic happen.

I'm sure if Paul & George would have had a piece of Yoko o-so-many years ago, the band would have stayed together.

And Ringo?
Ringo would've watched.



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