Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm a Wallpaper junkie.

Not that faggy stuff that actually goes on walls, fools.

I change my desktop wallpaper every couple of days. I usually favor the minimalistic styles, as I find that a busy wallpaper tends to distract my eyes away from what I'm doing.

(That's why I've never really had erotic images as my wallpaper. Hard to complete anything when you keep switching to your desktop with one hand.)

I peruse image sites and I hoard anything that I find.
I'll go with photography, fantasy, digital, whatever.
There have only been a couple that have stayed on the screen for longer than a week.

Because I like that clean look on the desktop it drives me nuts anytime I see someone with a shitload of icons on their screen. I understand they are shortcuts, but that's what the Toolbar at the bottom of the screen is for. What's the point of having an image on the screen if you can see it for the ass-ton of icons on there? (Ass-ton. Like it? I came up with it by myself.)

What do you like to have on your screen?
Is it full of icons? (Better not be, you lazy bastards.)
I need new image sources.
Tell me where you go.


1 comment:

  1. Chock full of icons, baby. Don't call me lazy when you let 'on there screen' out of the barn!

    I really have no place to find new desktop pics, though: most of what I put up these days is desktop backgrounds in support of some game or pages I've been to that week. Today it's Paraworld, but since the game was unplayable it'll probably change soon. Onsite it's a shot of some place I've been, the most popular being the shot out the back of the junkshop in the Caribbean. No supermodels at work, thanks! Maybe some Windows-WeSuckMore or a good, reliable MatrixCartman standby will replace it.

    .. and I mean FULL of icons. Projects I checkout (cf CVS) are on the right, and the temporary crap's on the left: Dilbert or simpsons gifs and youtube URLs but nothing serious. I have an entire home directory on my fileserver to clutter up, and since it's backed-up I really try to clutter that one instead.