Friday, November 10, 2006


Some times people as a whole just drive me nuts.

(This is no surprise to the regular readers.)

Dealing with people in the customer service industry can be rewarding and fulfilling. It can also be an excruciatingly annoying and can cause severe mental strain.

I'm trying to explain to a customer the need for a coupon in order to get the "special" price on the item she wants. She knows there is a coupon for it, she knows she doesn't have one, and yet somehow this is my problem. She sees no problem in me just giving away the items at that price, which would totally defeat the need for the coupon in the first place. (The coupons are needed so we as a company can get our money back from the supplier. They will only honor redeemed coupons, not made-up, special-just-for-her coupons.) As I explain to her the multitude of reasons why I can't do this for her, she then informs me that she "knows" the owner of the store.

Good for you, lady. Good for you.
I know him too, he signs my paychecks.

She then informs me that she'll speak to him and he'll make "The Deal" happen. I tell her that that is her choice and I'm just following the instructions of the same owner. She then tries to tell me that if he knew it was for her then he would okay it. Right.... He must have forgot to mention that when we were discussing handling the coupons. I'm amazed that he would have overlooked such a crucial subject.
"Hey guys, if this whiny bitch comes in without a coupon, just make it happen - she 'knows' me."

I can't believe I wasted ten minutes of my life debating with this lady.

I could have just caved in, but when people start sounding all arrogant and stuck up about these types of things, it just really sets me off. By the end of it, I was not going to let her have anything, even if she pulled a coupon out of her ass accompanied by sparkles and fanfare.
(Well maybe then.)

I can be just as Pigheaded as they can.


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