Monday, November 27, 2006

The Long and The Short Of It...

I'm not a B.C. native.

I wasn't born here.

I was born and raised in the tundra of the Frozen Arctic, in the land of the Midnight Sun, far away from where I am now. Even though I have lived in B.C far longer than any other place, I still find that there are things that people do around here that I just can't understand.

Right now, according to my computer, it's -7° Celsius (With the wind chill, probably closer to 11.) it's been below freezing all day, and even I am feeling the cold through my protective layer of donut fat.

It still doesn't explain why I saw four different people today wearing shorts. Seriously, shorts. There was another guy who was wearing those retarded "holeys" shoes, and yet another who I saw wearing sandals, without socks. At first I just chalked it up to eccentricity, but by the end of the day I'm convinced that maybe our Government is doing secret genetic experimentation to build the ultimate Winter Warrior.

I've never been able to accept how really fat guys wear shorts year round, but there was only one fat guy out of the four people I saw today. (The whole fat guy/ shorts thing is another blog entry at another time.) I can't think of a reasonable explanation. Even going from your car indoors would be a stretch because of the wind. And walking on the snowy ground in just flip flops? Sheer madness!

In some way I look at these people in envy. They are out and obviously comfortable in the snow, and I have to bundle myself up just to walk to work. And I was born in the North! I used to scoff at B.Cer's who used to wear parkas at -1°, laugh at those who fumbled to make the perfect snowball, and frown with disdain at anyone who dared say it was "Too cold out." I was comfortable with the snow, and was in my element when surrounded by it.

Not so comfortable that I would wear shorts though.

Do I look crazy?

I felt like yelling at every one of them to put on some pants.



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  1. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Nice Ze quote. Definatly pretains to the dictionary of awesome.
    Sandals are especially fashionable when wearing five layers on the torso and thin yoga pants.