Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snow Sucks.

(At least today it does.)

Snow is an amazing thing.

Crystals, each one unique, destined to fall from the sky in a white curtain and blanket the land.

Why does it turn people into such complete retards?

Why does the guy in the jacked-up pickup truck suddenly think he is invincible and able to turn and stop on a dime? Why do these people think that their need to be somewhere quickly outweighs other peoples need for safety?

When there is no snow, people park between the lines, in an orderly fashion. With snow, all resemblance of order is gone. It's like people forgot the their car is supposed to be parallel to the other ones.

Some people welcome the snow. Others make it seem like it's fecal matter falling from the sky. (If it's that white, I think it means God has had too much Dairy.)

The only thing that drives me nuts is the fact that I've had to shovel about 4 feet of it off my driveway. I don't mind doing it once a day, but three times is just too much.

So for today, Snow sucks.

Ask me tomorrow, after I've built (another) Snowman with The Boy; I'll probably have changed my mind.


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