Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blond, James Blond.

The sidekick and I just got back from the show.
What did we see? Take a look at the picture.

Here's my thoughts.

There are things I expect in a James Bond Movie:
  1. Good Bond - Check - Daniel Craig is spectacular, and covers both the action and serious parts well. He's great at switching from classy to kick-assy as the situation permits.
  2. The Martini - Check - We even get to see the origin of it in this one.
  3. The Car - Check - Aston Martin all the way. Both cars look equally phenomenal, and the homage to the original was a nice touch.
  4. Gambling - Check - Changing the Game de Rigour from Baccarat to Poker was a great thing to do. I never understood Baccarat, but I'm all about the Poker.
  5. Ladies - This one didn't disappoint on the ladies, either. Hotties? Oh Yeah.
But there are also things I didn't expect to see in a Bond movie.
  1. A Story - Usually Bond is all shoot'em up and high-tech gadgets. This one actually had a plot. You could imagine my surprise.
  2. Product Placement - Ford must have paid a bit, but I think Sony Ericsson must have sold their soul. According to this movie, there is only one cell phone manufacturer in the whole world.
  3. Physical Harm - James normally comes out of every fight a bit ruffled but none the worse for wear. In this movie he takes a shit-kicking and he shows some scars. Refreshing, nice to see that they've shown him as human.
I really enjoyed the movie, and I have to rank it up there with some of my other Bond Favorites, Dr. No and Goldfinger. As the Sidekick stated afterwords, Daniel Craig is the perfect mix of Sean Connery and Perice Brosnan. They have revitalized the series and I can't wait for another one.

It's getting late now and I'm off to bed - I think I'll dream of Chilled Drinks, Hot Women and Flashing my Licence to Kill.


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