Thursday, August 24, 2006


I hate the Blogger Spellchecker.

The only reason I use it at all is because when I use bullet points or numbered lists and spellcheck with the Google Toolbar, Firefox has a hiccup and messes up everything that I have typed. And since I am so accustomed to Firefox now, I just bit down and used the Blogger Spellchecker.

It's like dealing with a retarded cousin.

Not only does it have no intuition to assume what word I'm trying to type, but it will give back my own misspelled word as a suggested respelling. What's the point of using the damn thing if it thinks my shitty spelling is okay? If I wanted to have my words look like they were typed by an epileptic and checked by a monkey I'd let The Sidekick write my blog. (Ah... nothing but love.)

But because I care about how things look and I want only what's best for you, my readers, I'll deal with the frustration and inconvenience. (Spellcheck inconvenience in Google - it's all good. Check in Blogger - suggests incontinence. Little bit different in context, no?) Now that's dedication.


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