Monday, August 14, 2006

Not Mickey's Dog.

So the intellectuals of the world are going to meet and decide if Pluto is a planet or not.

Fuck the war in the Middle East & forget famine and poverty - let's discus a floating rock in space. It's good to see that mankind has it's priorities straight.

Why should we care if it's considered a planet or not? Am I ever going to go there? (Maybe, once my trans-warp drive is completed. I just need a stainless steel DeLorean and a kid with a puffy vest...) Now if you got some people together and decided France wasn't a country anymore I could see people taking notice. But next to making astronomy textbooks out of date, who does this really effect?
  • Disney's going to be pissed. Whose bright idea was it to name the dog after a planet? Now Mickey's going to have to get Pluto put down and get a new dog. Maybe he'll call him Comet. Or Moneygrab. Whatever works. I hated that fucking dog anyway. Did nobody ever notice how much he and Goofy looked alike? Goofy's mom was one sick little whore..
  • Astrologists. These fuckers are going to be mad. But hey, they should have seen it coming. (Right?..C'mon it's a good joke, don't leave me hangin'.) But really, what sounds more fascinating - "Pluto's in your seventh house, causing moodiness and disruption" or "There's a hunk of rock floating out there, and I have no idea what I'm talking about."
That's about the only two that I can think of.
Maybe three if I count the crazy weirdo that comes into work all the time. Smells bad, wears his bike helmet indoors, talks to everyone about anything. He's about the only person I can see who might have some sort of interest in it.

But it's good to see that we are taking the time to resolve these little issues. Because I'd be really concerned if I woke up one day and discovered I was living in a solar system with a planet that shouldn't really be there. It would bother me to no end knowing there is a hunk of rock up there getting more credit than all the other hunks of rock.


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  1. You want some middle east? I'll give you some middle east: Give me a convincing argument that the israeli bombardment (cease-fire? psyche! ha ha ha) *isn't* on orders from or with the US, in order to test rockets vs bunkers for the US->Iran invasion (completing the "Toothless UN Allows Belligerent Invasions" Trifecta).

    Now. Wasn't it more fun to ignore the Mad Monkey Mayhem and just check out the stars? Look! It's a meteor! Oooooooh!