Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Most people don't know it, but I can be a Jerk at times.

I come across as this easy-going kinda guy, but I do have a serious side as well.
It doesn't come out too often, as I prefer to keep things light and not bog life down with depressing things.
But push the right buttons.... Bam! Full on Jerk mode.
(I've never used the term Full on Jerk mode outside of the context of touching myself. It feels a little strange..)

But there is Playful Jerk and Complete Asshole Jerk.
They are two distinct beings, each with their own way of operating.

Playful Jerk will come out at times, showing himself to the world in brief flashes. People notice Playful Jerk, and are amused and motivated by him. He is light hearted, with a slightly dark undertone. The things he says are funny, yet carry some weight and at times two meanings - the good and the bad.

Complete Asshole Jerk is not very nice at all. He can be extremely blunt, tends to yell if on the phone, and has been known to reduce grown men to tears. (If any man who cries can really be called a man.) He rarely appears, and only under extreme duress. He makes his presence known and then he leaves almost as quick as he arrived.

We don't get to see the Jerks all that much, as I normally just stay in either Playful or Asshole mode. But the Jerks are there, lurking below the surface.

You've all been warned...


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