Friday, August 11, 2006

I Feel....

  1. That the whole Middle East thing is seriously fucked up. I'm at a lost to how that shit started, who's done what to whom, and what's right and wrong anymore.
  2. That my Internet Addiction only intensified while it was gone. Don't leave me baby, never again. Promise?
  3. If BitTorrent was a woman I would take it behind a tree and make sweet love to it.
  4. I think homemade Granola is the tastiest treat imaginable. Fuck you, hippies, for stealing a great idea.
  5. That if the U.S. Government has to tell you to do Windows Update, something is seriously wrong.
  6. I love my iPod, wouldn't say no to a Mac, but those fucking commercials drive me nuts. I'd like to punch that guy in the head. The Mac guy, in case you were wondering.
  7. Cheesecake is yummy. Chocolate Cheesecake even more so, and when I can still taste it the next day, it's like heaven is in my mouth and there's a party going on.
  8. That Clerks 2 was the most daring and romantic movie of the year.
  9. That trying to come up with ten ideas when all you have is eight or nine is really shortchanging your core audiance.
  10. That I would be a great First Aid attendant. My specialty would be Mouth to Mouth, while giving a vigourous Chest Massage. For religious reasons, I would only be able to assist women.

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