Thursday, August 17, 2006


Anyone attempting Alliteration assumes all accountability.
Boldly broadcasting boundless ballads becomes boring.
Conversely, catastrophe catches clumsy columnists
Doubters deny demonstratable data.
Envy easily envelops eager examiners.
Fucking figures.

Gloaters gallivant gloriously, guessing goof-off.
However, he helps himself, hanging on.
Into immortality, incredible insights.
Jealousy jades juvenile jokers.
Kilobytes kill kindling's kin.
Losers languish.

Maybe mankind might malign?
None nay-say negligible niceties.
Only optimism obliges openness.
Peril precedes pointless pondering.
Quickly quashing quotes, quatrains.
Repercussions? Regrettable.

Safely staying studious seems silly.
Talking takes time - too tedious. Typing triumphs.
Unless unwilling, unavailable, uncompromising?
Victory validates values. Victims vanquished.
Whatever we want, we will win.
Xanadu Xeroxed

Yahoo! Yoked youths yowl yonder.
Zany? Zippered zombies zoologically zonked.

That's all folks. Harder to do than I thought. I kinda makes sense; if you are drunk and don't speak English very well. Believe it or not, I was going to just post about how magazines seem to use a lot of Alliteration in their headlines to catch your eye. But it evolved into this. It's either a masterpiece or a car wreck: you decide.


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  1. wow...that was actually kinda impressive...