Sunday, August 27, 2006

Alter Ego.

Clark Kent.
Bruce Wayne.
Wally West.
Chad Vader.

Everyone has an Alter Ego, whether they know it or not. I have yet to meet anyone who behaves they same way around all types of people or is consistent in all types of situations. (I'll even include myself in this.)

We all act or say things differently depending on the circumstances that we are in at the time. There are somethings I may say to my friends at a party that I would never say in front of my Grandmother. ("Yo Grams, check out the rack on that chick - yeow! Am I right?")

Guys do it all the time.
Put a group of guys together in a room, and it's all dick and fart jokes, serious discussion on the merits of porn, and if a 15-pack of beer is enough to get you through the next twelve minutes. (Pretty much solving the world's problems. Routine stuff.)
Plunk a girl in the middle of that mix and 95% of the guys will clam up and act semi-respectable, so as not to come off as an insensitive asshole. Why? They want to put their best face forward. No sense in having someone who will potentially fuck you thinking you are a dick right away.

So which Alter Ego do you wear most often?

It's hard to tell who is the real person. The one you are at work, at home, with friends, with family, or around strangers. Sometimes I think the only time you are the real you is when you are driving from place to place.

That's why Batman has such a cool car, see?

It all makes sense now.


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  1. awesome post: but that was just the semi-introspective you, wasn't it?

    My buddy EdeO is the consummate chameleon, while still being such a cool guy. He acts so polite and refined around women, but when he's alone he's the best belcher I know. I've been practicing, and not just to teach the Boy. But E, we bug him so much because we're so jealous at how much wives and mothers trust him, and he the biggest instigator of them all.

    Maybe second biggest, if Alli's around.