Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Thrill of Victory.

Just got home from poker at McQuarrie's.

Or as they call it, The McQuarrie Brothers Indian Casino & Resort. The Sidekick plays the weekly poker game there, and they were having an early game this week so I got the invite to go. I was supposed to go out for coffee with the Sidekick, but he persuaded me to spend some time at the resort.
I have to say, the resort itself is a pile of shit, but the table was generous tonight.

That's right folks, you're looking at the guy who cleaned house tonight. Took down the big pots and made those fuckers who read Bluff magazine think about cancelling their subscriptions. (Who reads poker magazines anyway? If I had all that time on my hands I'd use it up on valuable things, like porn.) I will admit that I had my share of luck, and thanks to that, (and a small amount of skill) I did better than last time.

But as I've said before, the main thing was to have a good time.
And a good time it was.



  1. The next timmiy's run is on you...jack -ass...

  2. Anonymous3:03 am

    pile of shit? na lets just say it smelled better than an outhouse an was more fun than a pile of herpies. glad to have you out, feel free to serve me an ass kickin anytime im always willing. and for joe, well your still a fucker that reads poker magazines. bish gotta have you back with your mars bars and oh henrys, im sorry for the spelling i just got drunk with vaughaner, "joes sidekick" you know where dinners hanging from vaughan. peace, love and friendship....then some.

    holla at ya boy.