Friday, August 25, 2006


I have a very haphazard typing style.

(I type like I fuck. All over the place, faster than you'd think, and with very little errors. All in all a very intriguing method that gets the job done. There's no spellchecker in bed though, so I make sure to get it right the first time.)

My hands fly all over the place, and I shift my gaze between the screen and the keyboard. I tried typing on one of those ergonomic keyboards once, but with the way I type it just didn't work out.

I've never been able to touch type, and I have no one to blame but myself. Last time I took typing was in Grade Eight, and I didn't last very long. Due to repeated confrontations with the teacher, I was ejected from the class. (How anyone can learn typing from a teacher with a lisp is beyond me - how am I supposed to tell if she was saying "s" or "f"? It all sounded the fucking same.)

But my style works for me.

I'm able to accomplish almost everything I want to when I type, and with very little in the way of errors. (Most of my spelling errors are due to my own mental failings, and not the keyboard's fault.) The only things I tend to do when typing that annoy me are typing repeat characters when I'm spelling a word like "error", (Before spellcheck got a hold of it, that fucker had four "r's" in a row.) and sometimes inadvertently hitting the Caps Lock key instead of the shift key. That gets really fucking annoying at times.

At least I'm not a hunter-pecker. Typing my usual rambling shit would take all day, and no-body's got time for that.


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