Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mysteries of Produce.

There are a few things I've often wondered about the fruit and vegetable section.

I never had much call to think about produce before, as I'm normally a meat-&-pasta guy, but in the last few months I've been eating more and more of it. Combined with the fact that I'm somewhat akin to Chad Vader, I've been able to watch how other people deal with their perishable purchases.
  • While most women feel comfortable walking around stroking a Long English Cucumber, tapping it against their chin while lost in thought, men seem to feel very self conscious handling the Honeydews and Cantaloupes. Like someone is going to walk by and call them a pervert or something.
  • Brown Mushrooms and White Mushrooms are essentially the same, yet no one buys the Brown. I think it's strange because when you cook a White Mushroom, what does it do? Yup - turns brown.
  • Why is it that most of the people you see grazing (Our term for people who "taste test" items like Cherries, Grapes, and Blueberries without asking or buying) are fat? You think that after eating all that fruit, they'd be unable to go home and gorge on fried chicken and chocolate.
  • Why does a cut Papaya fascinate me so? Next time you see one, tell me what it looks like. I've never wanted to bury my face in a fruit just because I walked by it. Thank God I'm able to resist my compulsion.
I know that there are more things that I question on a daily basis, but those are pretty much the main ones. I think that most of these mysteries are easily solved, but that would take time and energy, and I'm still having trouble taking my eyes off the cut Papaya.


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