Tuesday, February 07, 2012


*When doing a Google Image Search for "Lopsided" it's astounding how many pictures come up of Tara Reids boobs.

I need to get another Tattoo.

I was talking about it with the Sidekick yesterday, and I was thinking about it when I got out of the tanning bed at the gym today as well.

(Don't make fun of the tanning bed. Getting my porcelain-like skin ready for the spring/summer and outside running takes time and dedication - and getting to listen to this while standing in a lighted tube is awesome - I'm just thankful no one can see me rockin' out in there.)

...but I digress.

As I was getting dressed after my workout/rock concert tanning session, I assessed my tattoo situation - I have two at the moment and they are both on my right side.
  1. The one on my chest is the Japanese kanji for "Love" - got it at 19 after my heart was torn out and smashed. Oh, teenage angst, I don't miss you one bit.
  2. The one on my leg is for my marathon - I've always had plans to add to it, but that got sidetracked since I haven't ran a full Marathon since. (I'm hoping for this fall.)
So as you can see, I've completely ignored the left side of my body. Is it because I'm right handed? Is it because I think I look better from the right? Was I really not paying attention?

I do want to get something involving the kids, or maybe something that shows yet another one of my addictions. The Blogger logo shaped like a coffee cup? (I'm kidding - I'm not retarded.)

It's going to take some thought - or else a lot of Gin and some poor decision-making.

We'll see.



  1. LOVE the marathon ink. Have been contemplating something for my marathon, too. I'm running it in Wisconsin, and the Marathon logo is a wedge of cheese. So... That's not an option. Maybe a giant, full-color arm sleeve of my flashy shoes? Ha!

    Wish I would have seen this post before the 80-minute bike workout. I might have spun out some good ideas!

  2. Don't have any ink at all myself, although I reckon I could take a good shot at cultivating that hairstyle......