Sunday, February 05, 2012

Intro (otherwise known as The Tale of Triple T.)

Triple T - waaay better profile pic than mine.

A long time ago, lost in the mists of time (two months), I wrote a post about possibly using Cats for firewood. I got two comments on that one, both positive - I guess it goes to show you how people on Blogger feel about cats.

As I am wont to do whenever any of you comment, I follow your profile back to your blog to see what you are doing - it's not stalking because I'm not actually outside your house, so don't be scared.

I followed one of the links back to Triple T.

The first thing I saw was a post about her Thanksgiving, and I figured that I had stumbled across a Blogger Soccer Mom - you can't swing a cat around this place without hitting one - but it was a later post where she threatens to cut her husband for not answering his cellphone (among other offenses) that made me stop and reassess the whole thing.

I then spent the next hour entranced in the way she puts together a sentence.
You know those people who make it seem like writing is the easiest thing in the world? She's like that - my envy at how she can smack out an interesting, funny, on-point post effortlessly made me keep checking back daily. (Then I figured out how to follow people on Blogger and now I let Google do it for me.) The fact that her descriptions of Dog: The Bounty Hunter made me actually watch the show speaks to her apt description of Tits, Hair, and the Chapman Clan.

A couple of weeks ago, Triple T approached me with an interesting offer, and I'm totally going to rip this off from her because she explained it a thousand times better than I ever could in her blog:

"I started following his posts and quickly learned that we although we lived 1,806 miles (that's 2905 kilometers) apart, we had a bunch in common. We're both runners, we're both Gemini's (I'm exactly two weeks than MLR) and we both suffer from cold sores.

On our face. Not on our naughty bits.

And just one or two weeks ago, I realized we were on almost the same schedule for our long runs. And here's how we're different (try this to the tune of Ebony and Ivory, like Stevie and Frank did it in that classic SNL sketch):

I run outside, he runs indoors.
It doesn't matter which coast,
We both have sores.
His race is in March
Mine, in May
We'll share our stories with you
Every Mon...daaayy.

Okay. We promise not to collaborate on any lyric writing. But we will tag team on some Monday-issued posts that talk about our training long runs. The actual format ... well, we don't know. How we'll technically pull it off? I leave it to MLR ... he's a black belt at Google Fu. Will there be swearing. You bet your sweet ass there will be.

Check in every Monday and see how we're doing on our long run adventures as we work towards our 13.1 and 26.2 events in March and May, respectively."

See? See how easy she does it?

The minute she mentioned writing about our long runs in a He said/ She said kind of deal, I was sold.

So please - Check back Mondays and see what's going down in this cross-border conflagration.


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