Sunday, February 26, 2012


My cup - er, bowl runneth over. Ewwww,
The youngest started throwing up halfway through dinner at the restaurant tonight.

Those of you who have kids know how awesome that can be. For those of you that don't have kids, fuck you - your cat coughing up a hairball does not relate in any way.

He kept doing it periodically on the drive home, and was almost back to normal until we got him home and situated on the couch. He was so tired from swimming and other things we did today that he was upchucking while half asleep.

Yeah, I know - it's about as nasty as it sounds.

Since the Wife has to work early in the morning, I've taken it upon myself to be out here with him -  watching him while he sleeps, making sure he hits the bowl when he does bring something up, and of course, clean up duty.

It's 2am now, I've been up since 6 (damn me and my early rising) and I can tell you - I'm fucking tired.

But he looks so peaceful sleeping right now that it's all worth it.

Even when he grinds his teeth right before he hurls.



  1. Awww! Poor little guy. You're doing super dad duty right now. Go you.

  2. throw up at the table is always fun!

    I hope he feels better!

  3. Both our little kids say "My teeth hurt" right bofre they throw up. It is a pleasant early detection system. They give us just enough time to do absolutely nothing but cringe.