Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

I think I owe the Wife an apology.

She's been addicted to Angry Birds since the day she first got a smartphone. She's beaten every one, perfected every level, and eagerly awaits each new installment - I'm sure she knows the release dates better than she does our children's birthdays.

(Honey - If you're reading this, it's just a euphemism - I'm not serious. But December 21 & 26, OK?)

But I think I have to eat some crow on this one.

The other day The Boy introduced me to Plants vs Zombies. And now I can't put it down.

Me, a guy who:
  • Doesn't like most video games unless there is a sport involved or things are getting blown up,
  • Makes fun of his Wife for the "Stupid Pig Game",
  • and Doesn't have a green thumb to save his life,
Can't stop tending a virtual garden where my plants grow with harvested sunshine and fight off the unstoppable army of the teeming undead. I'm excited when my efforts unlock a new fungus that freezes all the Zombies in their tracks.

This is going to be tough.

Tell me how it sounds, okay?


Honey -

From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry - I won't laugh every time you express frustraion with Avain/Swine relations. I won't poke fun at you when you curse openly in public because you tapped the screen at the wrong time. And I won't complain anymore when the light from your phone keeps me up because you want to "Finish this level before you go to sleep".

I apologize - I understand now.
I know where you are coming from.

Now - could you please get me another cup of coffee? I would, but I'm busy dealing with a herd of screen-door carrying corpses.


That'll work, eh?



  1. Ah, the eldest introduced me to PvZ on holiday last year - just wait till the Disco Zombies rock up.....

  2. I think my husband and daughter play this. You get notified when you have to harvest crops, yes?

    Thank God I knit.

  3. What a lovely letter. My ex used to play that zombies and plants game.... for hours and hours. Thats why I call her my ex... so be careful buddy!