Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Booked & Paid For.

There's no turning back now.

Moments ago I entered my credit card number online and bought a midget paid for my Races.

One thing the Wife and I have always done with the kids is stress the point that once something's paid for, you're seeing it through until the end. Want to join soccer/hockey/swimming/karate? No problem - we'll find the cash to make it happen.

But know this - once we've paid for the registration/equipment/whatever, you are going to attend and participate no matter what. The moment you decided that you want to be a part of the team or event, you have an obligation to them (and to yourself) to be there and to try your best every time. (We gave them the exception of "I just lost a limb", but so far no takers.)

If it's good enough for the kids, it's good enough for me.

Don't let the logo fool you - it's a big island.
So now I'm 26 days away from the Comox Valley Half Marathon and 40 from the Merville 15K. They're paid for - the bibs are probably being printed as I type this.

There's no way that I can get out of this without sacrificing a leg or some other equally important appendage. Not that I'd want to - right now I feel great, and except for the fact that I had a dream about hills last night, I'm confident that I'm going to do well.

I guess now I just have to keep training and wait.

Oh yeah - and I have to pay the credit card bill next month, too.

That will probably be more painful than the races.



  1. I've had two races that I paid for, but couldn't compete in. One because of sickness (I lost about 4 lbs the day before the race) and the second, the marathon I just didn't train for. Total, that was about $160 down the drain which was AGONIZING for me. Husband was also down last year about $100 for two races he couldn't run because he blew out his ACL.

    Not sure how it works with you, but there is SO much pressure here to sign up for races before they 'fill up'. I really wait as long as I can, but at some point you have to pull the trigger.

    I write this as I'm on the couch, icing the crap out of my left ankle after a 3 minute run on Aguirre (and after a 15-min visit with the chiro).

    1. Most of the Marathons around here (Vancouver/Victoria) don't sell out - however the Half Marathon events usually do.
      Any other race - 5K, 10K, whatever, you can usually do a day-of-race registration.

      It's almost a given at most of the smaller races around here that almost 25-30% of your participants will sign up on race day.

      Must be hell for logistics.

      The ankle sounds painful - what happened? Did the treadmill bite you?

  2. I had pain on Sunday after the long run. But it bugged me on Monday and continued to bug me today, so I saw my chiro. His aggressive foot rub 'broke up' whatever was funky and I felt better leaving his office, but then on the treadmill -- shocking bolts of ripped from my heel and outside ankle upwards. Like, intolerable pain. Might have just tried to run on it prematurely.

    But it's a killer reason to hang on the couch and watch Dog, brah.

    The Chicago Marathon sold out in 5 days. I may NEVER run it because I don't want to commit to an October race in January. Gah.

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