Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Perception vs. Reality.

Happy Valentines Day.

These are the things that Corporations think will make my Wife happy today:
  1. Flowers
  2. Chocolates
  3. Diamonds
  4. Candy Hearts
  5. Cards
  6. Hot, Passionate, Wildly Acrobatic Sex.

These are the things I know will make my Wife happy today:
  1. I let her sleep in.
  2. Coffee was waiting when she got out of the shower.
  3. I made the kids lunches, and hustled them off to school.
  4. As we speak, laundry is being done, dishes are done, and the vacuum cleaner has traveled all the way to the far reaches of the house.
  5. I made Thai Coconut Chicken last night. (Tuesday is Subway night - 'cause Valentines Day or not, the Kids still have their sports.)
  6. I speed read through this. And I'm working on my handstands.

Really, after 15+ years of marriage, what more could you ask for?
(Okay - I know she'd like the diamonds, but she'd frown on me selling one of the kids to get them.)



  1. Not bad, not bad...I am sure she will appreciate!

  2. great list o' real things that truly make a difference and show someone you care. Candy, flowers, jewellery - superficial and fake.

  3. Uh....I don't think you should have rushed thru the book, man. Not that I've heard anything but.... you know....I think you should have read it closely. And perhaps with a highlighter handy. :)

    Cause if you rushed thru it and missed stuff.... you're gonna miss stuff.

  4. give her 5 more years and she may not frown on the selling the kid thing so much ;)

  5. Sounds like a fantastic Valentine's Day for your wife. Job well done! And good call on not selling the kid.

  6. Multitudes of small actions in love trump a hollow visage of grandeur. Sorry for my wordiness. I mean this is totally awesome and heart felt.