Friday, February 17, 2012


Something like this - minus the vest.
I've just found out that my Schedule is going to be fucked for the next couple of weeks -I'm not stressing about it, but there is going to be some juggling involved.

Between work, kids sports, kids school stuff, My Mom needing a drive to Victoria again, other stuff for my parents, and the dreadful experience of an all-expenses paid trip to Vancouver to see the Canucks (lower bowl, 10th row, club seats) - I'm going to be hard pressed to fit everything in.

(Yeah, that last one isn't really that dreadful - I'll be honest. The dreadful part is the hangover the next day..being a Dairy Guy can be rough sometimes.)

Throw in the fact that I'm one month away from the Comox Valley Half Marathon, and right at the peak of miles-per-week in my training program, and you can see the amount of free time slip into miniscule amounts.

I'm sure there will be some flexibility to it all, but not much.

Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - and when your stronger, you can drink more.

Besides, I recently read an synopsis about a guy who ends up going crazy on a boat with monkeys. (You'd be surprised what crazy stuff you find on the Internet.) No matter how it all turns out, I'm still better off than him.


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