Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Breaking the Color Barrier.

Today, I crossed the 3106 mile mark on my Nike+ Sportband.

I had no idea why Nike chose that number, but then my innate Canadianism kicked in and I realized it was 5000km -  this feat has moved me from the grandiose color of "Purple" to the (I imagine) more elite color of "Black".

I feel like a refurbished Kenyan.

I'm not sure if Americans get to progress on the color meter at a more rounded number, like say 3000 miles, or if they just stare at the screen and think that the Nike guys are either crazy or smoke a lot of pot while designing their website.

I was already in the Purple category when Nike rolled out their color idea, so the change doesn't mean to much to me - except that thankfully everything on the Nike+ website no longer has a purple tinge to it.

It just seems "Manlier" now, right?

But as you can see, my January totals aren't too bad.

22 Runs, 93 miles, and my average pace is 8'47"  - I can be happy with that, as it feels like an improvement from when I got back on the horse, so to speak. (Or Moose - I'm Canadian, remember?)

We'll see how it progresses in February, and if I can be just as pleased going into March and my Half.

Another plus - there was no Mabel today, and My Baby purred like a kitten. (For those of you who think that sentence sounds retarded, just read my previous post and all will be made clear.)

Now I'm heading to Hockey, and then I'm going to get to spend some quality time with the couch.

Really, could you ask for a better day?

Jackie Robinson wishes he was me.



  1. that is incredible! Congrats on the black...I just passed the 1000 mark at the end of 2011 - I dream of the day I reach 5000 - how long did it take you?

  2. Good job on reaching 1000!

    I started running with the Sportband in September of 2008 - so just over 3 years?

    Most of 2011 was lost due to injury - I ran less than 100 times - so I think I could have done it faster if i would have ran smarter. (I'm not going to second guess it, I'm happy with making it.)

    Thanks for reading, Sarah! Stick around!

  3. Nice mileage, you are going to do great in your 1/2!
    I am not a nike sport band user...I use daily mile and it's all blue...but black...well it's like the American Express black card....limitless and for the elite!

  4. that's a lotta runnin'!

    the garmin ... i don't know how to make it talk to anything or if it promotes me based on miles.

    i should just start 'embellishing' my speed and mileage!!! :)

    1. No need to embellish - you rack up those miles on the bike and run at the same time - I'm just plodding along with my Nike.

      And as much as I like the Nike+, I still drool every time I see a Garmin...

      Rain - I just looked at Dailymile - seems cool - I like that syncs with Nike+ too. I already have mine set up to Tweet, but I like the look of Dailymile - interesting...