Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gym Dandy.

I'm trying to make a decision, and I'm stuck.

Don't worry - it's not Speedo vs Shorts at the beach - I wouldn't submit you to that.

It has to do with my Gym.

(For those of you who live in a Big City or have any sort of commute, stop reading now. I'm going to be talking/bitching about distances that seem trivial/hilarious to you, and you are going to want to slap me.)

My Gym is a 10-15 minute drive away from where I live. (10 from where I live, 15 from work) It's kind of old, kind of ghetto, but I like most of the people (The ones I don't want to stab) and the cost is right. Let's not forget, I've named all the Treadmills.

There's a new Gym that has opened in my neighborhood - it's a 3-minute walk from where I work, and maybe 10 from my house. It's a nice new shiny Gym, full of new weights, never-been-used equipment (except the cardio stuff - although that's nice too.), and I could have 7-day a week, 24hr access for $5/month more than I'm paying now.

I'm stuck.

I went and tried it out. (I didn't tell my current gym - is that cheating?)

Things I Like:
  • Location, Location, Location.
  • 24 hour access (Current gym doesn't open until 8 on weekends - doesn't work for me)
  • Lots of equipment.
  • Ocean View while on any cardio equipment - (because TV is boring and the ocean is awesome when it's stormy.)
Things I Don't Like:
  • The Changerooms - or lack thereof. They have a washroom, and a one-stall shower/changeroom. What if it's busy when I have to shower on my lunch workout? I'm fucked.
  • Not a ton of open floorspace. I'm not planning on doing cartwheels or anything, but you do need ample room to stretch/etc.
  • No tanning booth. I'm not Jersey Shore, but I like slowly conditioning my bone-white skin for summer running.
  • Only 2 Treadmills. For Fall/Winter running this is a huge thing for me.
So I'm kind of on the fence about it.

The other thing about my Gym is the relationship I have with some of the staff there - it's nice to be known by name, treated well, given discounts/freebies, and I'm not sure how long it would take to develop that at the new Gym. (With my sparkling personality, not long, I'm sure - but still..)

I'm not in any hurry to make a change - but the fact that the new Gym is so close just taunts me.. It's unfair.

Help me, Readers - you're my only hope.
Blogger in a Galaxy far, far away.



  1. I love shiny things, but if they've only got two treadmills and you need to get in a workout during your break.... ack. That makes "The Corpse" look pretty damn good.

  2. The old gym sounds much better....between the changing rooms and the 2 treadmills...I rather drive just a little further!

  3. I'm reallllly leaning towards staying with what I have. No awkward growing pains, no waiting for treadmills, no 350 pound guy wanting to share the lone changeroom and getting "friendly".

    If it ain't broke, why fix, it, right?

  4. another vote for the old place from me