Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fuck You, Wednesday.

Can we just cancel today?

I wasn't feeling well when I woke up this morning - stomach issues - decided to tough it out and hit the gym anyway, as it usually makes me feel better. (Endorphins are wonderful things.)

Get to the gym - it's closed. The opening guy never showed up. I waited around for a half an hour with other people who were just as mad as I was, and then drove back home through the snow.

I was super fucking pissed because I'm missing out on a scheduled run, which is also part of a Nike+ challenge. (Not that I need any motivation to run, but my competitive nature always makes me want to see where I end up in the worldwide stats.) All the way home my stomach was churning and rolling and getting more unruly.

After I made it home and vomited, I felt a bit better (too much information?) - and thought that I'd try to slog through work today as best I could.

I couldn't.

I finished up all my essential duties and then told my bosses I was going to call it a day. One of them is a major germ-a-phobe, so it really wasn't an issue that I was going. The drive home was a relief just for the fact that I could see there's a light at the end of the tunnel. (It's a metaphorical tunnel - there aren't any real tunnels on my way home.)

So now I'm on the couch, about to take a nap, and hoping the rest and fluids will do the trick.

Because today's run is moved to tomorrow - and Friday is my 12-miler.

And nothing is going to keep me from those.

So  fuck you, Wednesday - you're out of here.



  1. Rick Crapster thinks you need to rest. You'll need it for those 12 miles.

    1. Ricky Crapster is wise beyond his years..

  2. I hope you're on the mend.

    I feel like I'm on a three-day delay from your life -- I've got a sick kid on the couch (she didn't puke at a restaurant tho, so for that, I"m super thankful) and I'm just trying to replan the day according to what she'll need.

    I just can't afford sickness and/or a missed/botched long run...I think I'll be drinking nothing but Emergen-C today!