Friday, March 02, 2012

Scheduled Interuption.

So far, there are 3 things that have made my day today:

Coffee - Nectar of the Gods.
Don't knock the Vitamin D, y'all.
I was wearing 2 of these.

(Not necessarily in that order)

What didn't make my day? Being cut of by some ignorant parent pulling out of the parking lot at school, having to swerve onto someone's lawn, and getting a giant fucking rock wedged under my car. The Fuckerhead who cut me off didn't even notice what they had done and drove away blissfully - I was too concerned with making sure the kids were okay (They are) to get a plate number so I can hunt them down and kill them later.

Luckily I was so full of caffeine and endorphins that I was able to stay cheerful throughout the procedure of jacking up the car and removing the boulder. 

Now I get to go to work and start the countdown.

The countdown to what, you may ask?

Oh, just this:

Tomorrow I head to the Big City to see the Canucks take on the Sabres. 

For those of you who are from south of the border, this may seem as interesting as watching Women's Basketball of Midget Golf,

Trust me - for a Canadian guy, this is a big deal - especially one who lives out in the sticks like me.


You probably won't hear from me (aside from Twitter) for a couple of days - If I have enough brain cells left, I'll have my Long Run blog post up on Monday.

If it's just a picture of shoes and words that look like kjghlfkjguigysgb,mfglgf - you'll know how my weekend went.



  1. Fuckerhead. That's awesome.

  2. It's my own creation - I hearby share it with the world.

    If I see that car again, they are either going to get keyed, or else feel the moat vicious glare-ing of their life.

  3. Anonymous4:50 am

    I can soooo relate! Some or the parents at our school parking lot must have gotten their license at the local Walmart! Have fun at the game : )