Saturday, March 31, 2012


I've been staring at this logo on the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon page for a good 10 minutes.

The kids are starting to wonder if I've had a seizure or something. (Trust me, I'm okay.)

With how much I've enjoyed my Half Marathon Training and the results from it, coupled with the exuberance and emotion from Triple T's Marathon training, means I'm seriously contemplating doing the Full in Victoria on October 7th, 2012.

Let's be honest - I already knew I was going to do the Half that weekend. I've already booked the time off work. I'm going to be there already. I just have to decide which race I'm going to do.

If I do the Full, I've already got my training picked out: it's a 20 week program that caps out at 45 miles in it's heaviest week. It has one training run of 26 miles right before you start your taper - this program is not just to finish the race, but to do it in a goal time. (If I do this, I want to beat my 3:28:20.) If I do the Half, I'll probably follow the training plan I just did and just up my required pace.

I'm on the fence - as much as I want to do it, I know it's a big commitment in both time and energy for me and my family. Doing the Half would be a lot easier - I don't have to start training so soon, the training is less, the time invested is smaller. Training for the Full during the summer is a HUGE chunk of time. We don't have any far-flung vacations planned, so it is wide open.

The Wife kinda knows I'm thinking about it, but we haven't really discussed it. I think I might wait until she's drunk or something.

If I'm going to do this, I have to start training in seven weeks, and then register as soon as I can.

Decisions, decisions...



  1. So, #1 - 3:28:20? Holy shit, man. That's crazy fast.

    #2 - The marathon training is hard on a family -- no one ever really tells you that. I mean, I figured I'd have a run, maybe a nap, and I'd be good to go. Not so much. I'm pretty happy my husband has been a good sport about this so far.

    #3 - I'm anxiously awaiting your decision. :)

  2. The Victoria Marathon huh? I can think of some great reasons to run the Victoria marathon sir. Pretty sure Irish Times would take care of all your carb loading needs. LOL