Thursday, March 22, 2012


Once again, I shamelessly steal someone else's picture.
I'm sick of Blogger's Word verification.

It pisses me off.

At first it was cute.

"Please prove you're not a robot." It said.

Then it would give me a word. Just one word.

(Much like Sean Connery's "One Ping Only" in The Hunt for Red October - this has no significance to what I'm talking about, but it's what came to mind when I typed "Just One Word." See? That's how my mind works, people - all over the place.)

Even though it was only one word, it was at least a word I could understand. I could find it in a dictionary. It was harder to type than "cat", but easier than "Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious". That should fool just about any robot, right?

For the last while now, Blogger has gone to two words in their verification system. I'm okay with two words, as long as they make sense. I always looked at it as expanding my vocabulary while getting my opinion out there. I do comment on some blogs quite a bit, so if I have to type "Dog" and "Bountyhunter" after reading a particularly witty post, I'm okay with that.

But now blogger has taken that away from me.

They've started using words that have no meaning - and that drives me nuts.

What kind of word is "decith"? How about "donfo"? (Actual words from when I tried to comment this morning) I tried typing them into Google to see if they were actually anything, but nothing showed up. "Decith" sounds like a guy with a lisp trying to say "desist", and "donfo" sounds like an Asian waiter asking how long I want my eggs poached.

("How long would you like them donfo?" He would ask, and my reply would be, "Until they're done.")

So what's next, Google? What do I have to do to prove I'm a real human being with an opinion? Will it be three words? Four? Why not make me type out " The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" before I hit "Publish"?

Or even better - Math! Have me do long division (and make sure I show my work). Maybe some word problems would weed the Spambots out from the herd. They don't have time to figure out how long it would take Mr. Green to get to Cleveland by bus at 50km/h if his wife was on the beach in Florida - they need to skip that shit and sell more Viagra.

I'm waiting for the day when I type a witty, charming, insightful response on someone's blog, and the next thing I know, my DVD drive on the laptop pops open and I have to give blood, urine, and "other" samples before hitting "reply".

Just wait - it'll happen.

And then my laptop's going to be a mess. Great.



  1. The two word, partially blurred deal is the worst!I keep thinking I need to find a piece of red, and a piece of blue cellophane so I can decode it.

    "Until they're done." - Perfect.

  2. Just think about the poor guy at Google who's job it is to check you've typed in the right words. He'll be out of a job if they do away with word verification.

    Unless the local restaurant is hiring.

  3. My wife was upset by this and looked up why CAPTCHA is used and why it's now two words. Depending on the actual tool used to present you with the CAPTCHA, it could be being used to digitize old books.

    At least there is a purpose to it.

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