Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Train 'o Thought.

  • After Monday's crazy, hurricane-like windstorm, Yesterday's beautiful sunshine, and then Today's horrendous wind/rain/trying to snow combination, I've come to the conclusion that my Country is bipolar, and needs to take it's Meds.
  • Today is March 14th - Steak & a Blowjob Day. (The Male Valentine's Day) Congratulations to any man who gets both. Hopefully only the Blowjob is well-done - I prefer my steak medium-rare.

  •  Looking outside makes me wonder how my Half-Marathon time is going to be - what's the record for running in a Hurricane? No reason - just curious.
  • Yesterday I ran 5 miles, re-shingled and patched part of my parent's roof, cleaned up my yard, and skated for an hour with the Youngest Boy's hockey practice. At 9:30 pm last night I felt like I could have slipped into a sweet, happy coma.
  • Did I mention that last night was also the first time I've had McDonald's in the past 4 months? That Grilled Chicken Bistro Burger might have had something to do with my body wanting to shut down.
  • I think that Denny's Restaurant should just change it's name to Breakfast All Day. I have never been in a Denny's at any time where 99% of the people aren't eating a breakfast meal. That includes the 3am stop after the Bar closes.
  • I had a haircut yesterday - how come the shorter my hair is, the greyer it appears? I'd call myself the Silver Fox, but I'm just too modest.
  • Right now I'm wondering whether or not I should get ready for work and have my shower now, or wait until the power goes out just for the challenge of doing it in the dark.
  • I've learned from Monday's mistakes in regards to power outages - I'm bringing the biggest fucking thermos of coffee with me to work. It's times like this I wish I could wear a Camelbak on the job.
  • That my customer service skills would be outstanding if I could wear the Camelbak full of coffee and "Irish" it up a bit.
  • I'm kind of envious of the Irish at this time of year - they are always portrayed as a passionate, fun-loving, hard-drinking people. (Ie: the "Irish" up a coffee remark) - no one ever wants to "Canadian" up something - what's wrong with adding some mangled french and politeness?

I'd write more, but as I tried to save this, Blogger had a brain fart and deleted everything - I think it's just best to quit while I'm ahead. Besides, that work thing is calling my name...


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  1. Aaaargh!

    Why didn't I read this yesterday?!

    Well at least it's in the calendar for next year....