Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Feel:

- That the plus of working in the sticks is that the local radio station signal sucks, so big city radio gets all the airtime.

- That the only downside is our French-Canadian office lady singing along loudly at the top of her lungs. You haven't heard Lady Gaga until you've heard it backed by a 50+ woman with an accent so thick you'd think she shits poutine.

- That with running, the gym, work, and life in general, I'm waaaaay behind on my pop culture - haven't read Hunger Games, haven't seen Mad Men, missed every single episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter - its like I'm living in a cave.

- That even though I say I'm not going to push really hard at my 15k race this weekend, if I'm close to a good time, I'm going to run my fucking ass off.

- That even though I haven't been at this location for 4+ months, people come up and ask if I was on vacation. A 4 month vacation? I'd never quit the job that provided that. Hell, I'd shank anyone who tried to take my job.

- That now that I know celebrities respond to Tweets,(I know two people) I'm deciding which star I want to overwhelm with my "irresistible charm and wit".

- That although the office lady has a French accent, if you mention her singing she develops a very German attitude - if you know what I mean.

- That when someone tells me their favorite movie "from when I was a little kid" is Titanic, it just makes me feel old.

- That I console myself with the fact that at least it wasn't Pearl Harbour.

- That I just might take a chance and nap on the work couch for the rest of my lunch hour...



  1. Manage your Tweeting expectations. The 'celebrity' that replied to me ... E-List Reality TV Star.

    Keep it real, yo.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm just going to assume this means "Your blog is fucking awesome!" instead of some sort of spam.

      My reality, my rules.