Saturday, March 24, 2012

Observational Period.

Things I've learned in the past two days:
  • Having a heart-to-heart with my 9 year old on the drive down to my youngest's hockey tournament (We were in a different vehicle) is an awesome experience. Talking about random stuff over coffee & hot chocolate makes me realize how like me, and yet not like me he is.
  • Watching (and hearing) another Dad from another town bitch throughout the game about his son's performance on the ice enrages me. If the Wife hadn't been there I probably would have punched him. These kids are 6, man - it's not like the NHL scouts are there - it's about having fun, asshole.
  • That putting in the last shift at the old work location before I move to the new work location (tomorrow)is draining. Trying to drum up any enthusiasm is pointless. I'm just doing my job, my stuff's complete, and now I'm just watching the clock until I'm done.
  • That I put a lot of thought into what goes onto the Driving-to-work CD now that my commute has gone from 4 to 20+ minutes. If I time it right, my "Powersong" should end just as I get there. (Nike: Please don't sue me for the use of the word "Powersong" - I couldn't think of anything else)
  • The plus about the Wife staying overnight with the kids at the Tourney and me coming home due to work, is that last night I got to watch 2 movies that she just hates. No guilt about making her watch something I no she doesn't like, and now I don't have to watch some retarded Rom-Com to make up for it.
  •  That being the first guy at the gym is great, until you see some douchebag you just can't stand walk through the door.
  • That no matter what, I always have my best blog ideas when I have no time to type them out. (Is my lunch break over already?)
  • That I hate to say it, and I will deny I ever typed it if I have to, but no matter how much I say I like peace and quiet, the house is waaay too silent with just me here. Maybe the Wife will break down and let me get a cat. (I'm dying to name it something Tweet-worthy.)


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