Friday, March 03, 2006

Tattoo You.

I have a tattoo.
Trust me, I got mine long before it was considered the norm.
Back in the day, not everyone and their slutty sister were inked.

I had just come out of a long relationship, with one of the few women out there who actually broke my heart, and the first thing I could do was go down to Victoria, get drunk and get a tat, just to show how really hardcore I was. I wasn't drunk when I got the work done, which explains why it's not "Fuck You Bitch" across my back, it's only about three inches across by four high and it's the Japanese sign for "Love". ( That's right, I'm a sensitive badass.)

It's on my chest, where I could watch it being done. I wouldn't trust anyone to do anything on my back. For all I'd know they could put "Kick Me" there, and how would I tell?

I'd like to get some more, but I think at the age I am now, it would almost look like a desperation move. When a guy gets to be a certain age, you have to have a reason for getting a tattoo. Something significant. And it almost has to be age appropriate, because getting a dragon tattooed up my leg would not only be painful, but it would seem out of place on a chubby middle-aged guy.

I'll figure something out, who knows?
Maybe "Thug Life" - I hear that's popular......


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