Monday, March 13, 2006

Seven Deadly Sins.

I was asked the other day which of the "Deadly" Sins was my worst.
It got me to thinking, (Always dangerous) so lets take a look.

In no particular order:
  • Pride - Also known as Vanity. Yes I'll admit I'm vain. I think I am at least 5 times hotter than I actually am, and I tend to carry myself accordingly. I do think that I know it all, or at least most of it, but what can you do when you have a brain as sexy as mine?
  • Envy - Even though I'm vain, I'm still envious of others. Usually in the physical abilities or wealth departments. (This problem would be easily solved if I could have sex all night and have money shoot out my ass.) I find I also have the newly discovered "iPod envy", which means I don't have one, and want to take everyone else's.
  • Gluttony - Have you looked at my chunky ass lately? Watch me eat donuts and tell me I'm not a glutton. My adventures with liquor have also proved that it's not just limited to pastries, I'm an all around pig. (Sometimes)
  • Anger - I don't really have a problem with anger. And I'll fucking kill any of you assholes that says different. I tend to swallow my hate, and form it into a hard little ball in the pit of my stomach, saving it for constructive release, like when the revolution starts.
  • Greed - Hell yeah, I'm greedy, except in the sack. (Her needs come first.) I'll take the last donut, the last parking spot, the last cup of coffee. I have a great desire for money, and haven't been to church in years. (That's greedy according to their definition.)
  • Sloth - I can be the laziest bastard I know. Mr Procrastination. If I could spend all day in bed, I would. (Hopefully not alone.) It's not that I hate physical exertion, it's just that it messes up my schedule of doing nothing.
  • Lust - Hi, have we met? I'm the horniest guy I know. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime. (Although I do have standards.) I think about sex constantly, almost to distraction. Always have, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Has it caused me trouble in the past? Yes. Did I learn my lesson? Am I thinking about it right now? You'd better believe it.

So there they are, all laid out.

For the record: I'm goin' to Hell. No Doubt.

For those of you who know me, I leave it for you to decide for yourself which is my worst. For those that don't, read the blog and then tell me. Or better yet, you should all tell me yours.


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  1. You can ride shotgun. I'll go get the gas and the doughnuts.