Saturday, March 11, 2006

'Little Help?

First of all, I will admit to my inexperience with sexual aids.

Just never had them be a part of any relationship I've been involved in. I guess I'm too much man and the ladies in question never felt any compulsion I could not satisfy. (Yeah, Right.) I'm not against them, nor do I feel threatened by them. In fact I believe that if used correctly, they would probably complement and enhance most experiences.

Let me say right now: I'm willing to learn.
I repeat: I'm willing to learn.

As long as no boundaries are crossed, I'm always open to try something new. And if practice is what it takes, then I'm your man. I won't try anything that goes against the rules of the home team, but like I said, bringing something new to your repertoire is always a good thing.

And an open letter to those women who do incorporate "toys" into their lives: You go girls, keep the fires stoked until the wood's ready to burn. ( Best pun I could come up with on short notice.)


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  1. Didn't Joey talk about this, once?