Friday, March 10, 2006

Head Wound.

I injured myself at work today.

Nothing serious, I was doing some minor repairs and I ended up gashing my forehead with a screwdriver. (Don't ask how, suffice to say I was using the tool for other than it's intended purpose.) Now I have a nice little scar, kinda pirate-like.

At first , when people would ask me what happened to my head, I was telling them I got in a knife fight. Seems a lot more glamorous than "self-inflicted hand tool mishap". With some of the sketchy denizens of the area it almost seemed logical. The most common reaction I got was "Really?...Wow." I must look pretty hardcore to pull that one off.

When that tired, I started telling people I got it from rolling around with the cashiers. A bit 'o rough and tumble , if you will. Lets just say scratching was involved. (A wink-wink nudge-nudge kinda thing.)

Sad thing is, more people believed the knife fight.

How's that for depressing?


1 comment:

  1. At least I can say that my hideous scar was obtained when the doc had to put my arm back together.

    From when I blocked a kick.

    In something like a fight.

    With a guy who knew karate.

    See, I can go all night making it sound far better than it is.

    Ask me again about when the FBI phoned my house looking for me.