Sunday, March 26, 2006


I was typing a post earlier, and I had to stop.

When I type, I don't really look at the screen, I just watch the keys, let my fingers fly and the words pour forth.
So when I look up and see what I've written, it scares me that half of it tends to look like gibberish and the other half appears to be somehow derived from Blogger's word verification tool.

I've become way too dependent on spellcheck.

Of the eighty or so words I just typed, I had four errors, either from spelling or else just hitting an extra key with my chubby fingers. If I talked like I type, people would think that there was something very wrong with me. (Not that there isn't , really, but that's not applicable right now.)

I'll have to teach myself to slow down a bit, and maybe that will help.
Or maybe think about baseball when I type.


1 comment:

  1. Imagine the excitement when fumbley fingers mixes with the hyper-syntactical world of coding. It's super-happy-aneurism time, batman!

    And I wish they'd put a spell-check onto the comments too!