Wednesday, March 01, 2006


When men relate stories to each other, it's almost like a competition.

You've got to see who's got the most fucked up, crazy, insane-yet-verifiable & believable tale. You've got to be able to cite at least one credible source, and be able to have specific details and a time-line to relate.
Of course, most of these tales involve sex in one way or another.

I was shooting the shit with some guys from work today, and we got on that subject, (as men are apt to do,) and the only thing I realized after was that I really should have gone for my secondary education. The romps at Burger School are OK, but I think I missed something not living on Rez.

I'm glad that I'm able to hold my own in these types of conversations, and amazingly enough, nothing I've heard from others has been able to shock me. Chalk that up to my years of dealing with the public and people in general, I guess.

I thank God that none of my tales start with "One time in Port Alberni...", but I am awed by how many of them have to do with the Arches. I guess being there for as long as I was made it like a base of operations, not just a job.

I can't relate any of the stories here, but most of you know most of them already. Hell, after being in this town for so long, I'm sure some have passed into legend. Maybe I'll write my own memoirs, and I'll try not to embellish like that Pieces guy did.


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  1. The way you talk, it sounds like *I* missed out on a few things when I *was* living in rez.


    Okay, so when you go for your degree, make sure it's not Comp Sci, okay? I mean, the field's pretty much dead, now, but still .. just don't do it.

    Bah, wtf anyway. What's the point of hitting the uni for a degree anyway? Half the school is built for getting you that degree, as explained by second-rate half-paid profs, and the other half is now built around keeping you in the uni for as long as possible, and milking as much tuition money as possible from you in that time. To hell with how you're going to get that money or eat while you're there, because Unis are run as businesses now instead of places of higher education.

    Some things should not be on the capitalist system. Seeing as I'm going to talk to my doc tomorrow, that idea was on my mind already.