Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stand Up, Sit Down.

I'm a shower man, always have been.
Something about the screaming hot water peeling away my top layer of skin just works for me.
I love the way the room fogs up, and it's like a sauna even when you step out.
My shower is a double-wide and it has a seat. Probably the main reason I bought the house.
And if you think standing under those heated liquid needles was great, you should try sitting. All the pleasure, half the spent energy.
I like how clean I feel when I step out of the shower.

That's what I don't like about baths. Sitting in dirty water. Yechh.
I'll admit, I have a regular tub, nothing fancy. Barely deep enough to hold three cups of water.
I don't have one of those super deluxe-fancy-shmancy-jets-of-forbidden-pleasure tubs, and have only ever been in one of those, so I can't really say they suck. But a normal bath?
No Thanks.

Plus in a tub the water gets cold. And my boys downstairs don't like cold water. No sirree, they don't like it one bit. Hot tubs, okay. Regular tub? It's like Nanook of the North. And we won't even talk about shrinkage. It's just depressing.

And what about the Sex? Showers? Amazing versatility, where as tubs, it's just a lot of sloshing around in a cramped space. ( I'm talking about the tub.) Like I said, hot tubs may differ, just because they are bigger and allow for more maneuverability, but I like my shower just fine.

So that pretty much sums up my argument.
Where do you stand? Or sit? I know there are some who relish the tub, and those who like the shower, so lets hear it.


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