Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today was a day where I didn't get what I wanted.
  • A good night's sleep. Why do I wake up and feel like I just went to sleep? Why does my back hurt so fucking much some days? Why do I have to stand on my head just to pee in the toilet?
  • Went and got a haircut. Would have preferred to get the pretty stylist, but no, I get the one that smells like week old bread and has a lisp. I thought she was moistening my hair while she was talking, and I realize she's not holding a spray bottle.
  • Go through Drive Thru for lunch, thought I'd change it up a bit and get poutine (in honor of those I know who speak french), get home to find out there's no poutine in the bag. (Yet another Lethal Weapon moment- "They fuck you in the Drive Thru."
  • Went for coffee with the Sidekick, had two cups of coffee at Timmy's. Did I win anything on my "Roll up the Rim"? Not a fucking chance. Is it too much to ask to let the chubby guy win a donut?

I'll admit, these are all little things. But in life, it's the little things that wear you down. I must have done something bad in a former life, or maybe a couple of bad things in this one. Who knows?

Karma's a bitch sometimes. And sometimes, I'm Karma's bitch.


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  1. J says that you're starting to sound like me, with the broken back and the non-sleep. Stop it, or you'll start sounding like me and never be invited for coffee again.

    If you ask my doc, it's all in your diet. Mind you, I'm divorcing my doc, so not sure if you should pay him any more mind than I do..

    I went and got Ron to cut my hair, down near the FamilyFun, when I was in town this weekend. Wow, has that guy gotta lotta gadgetry. Go see his homebrew flowbee and other inventions. And he don't spit in your hair.

    Good to see at least Ron enjoys his middle ages. So there's hope for crotchety young bastards.

    Now to find a new address for my HL blog.