Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scents & Sensibility.

I remember the first girl who ever got me cologne.

It's not like before I met her I smelled like shit; I've always been a clean kinda guy, it's just that I was a soap-and-deodorant man. I never went for the "girly" smells.
Until it was pointed out to me that women like men who smell better than normal.

You have to be subtle with it though, you can't be pouring that stuff on, and exuding a scent so overpowering that every woman you meet looks like she's been cutting onions. That's just as bad as smelling like a cow pasture.

Over the years I've changed it up so many times that it's hard to recall them all. I have to admit I was almost slightly obsessive-compulsive about how I smelled. (Trust me, after working in the sticks for a bit, being aware of how you smell compared to others is a good thing.) I'm still aware of it, but now I try to resist the compulsion.

But each scent I wear or have worn always seems to remind me of different people in my past. Either because they purchased it for me, or because I had just started wearing it when I met them. Like I said, the first girl who got me cologne? Drakkar Noir, and I'll always associate that scent with her. Others? There are too many to list, so I won't even try.

Women's scents? If you could see the chemical reaction in my brain when I smell Vanilla lotion on a woman's skin you would think that it was the fourth of July. It always seems to do it for me. I can't go into The Body Shop without being in a constant state of arousal. ( OK, I'm exaggerating, that's just creepy, really.)
But you get the idea.

So what aromas are your favorite? Tommy? Ralph? Please don't say J-Lo.



  1. When i was at commie school
    i wasnt allowed to wear any scents
    someone had an alergy...

    I'm a Coolwater man myself.
    I came to the realization,
    After my tenure with Ron McDon.
    Only then, I realized how much greasy food truly stinks.

    But I guess paint does too?

  2. Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion, Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, sexy man.