Saturday, March 31, 2007

Easy Like Saturday Morning.

I need a haircut.

How do I know?

I woke up this morning and practically fainted when I looked in the mirror. Not because of my stunning good looks, but because of the absolute horror that was my Bed Head. I don't remember having a wrestling match with my pillow last night, but it must have happened. (I think the pillow won.)

I've always wondered what I would look like with horns, now I know. Think Wolverine from the X-men, but lose the wife-beater and throw on some middle-age paunch. (As the song says - I'm bringing "sexy" back.)

Unfortunately I don't have the time in my schedule to get it a haircut today.
I think I'll shellac the mass into something resembling a hairstyle and see how it holds up at work. (Anyone who says I'm using "product" will get a punch in the face.) It will be under stress, so one wrong move and BOOM - I look like an ass.

Oh what a joyous day.


Song On My Mind - "Got To Have You" By Nuno Bettencourt
Reading - "The Instructions on a Bottle of Gel" By Aussie Naturals.

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