Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Musical Evolution

The Twin and I are alike in a lot of ways.

We both like Hockey, love video games and comics, have very similar personalities and periodically (when we were younger) even dated the same girls.

But some things have changed over the years. The number one item being musical taste.

We listened to the same stuff back in high school - we went to the same concerts, listened to the same CD's, and it was almost a given that if he liked something new that had just come out, I would like it as well.

When we get together now, it's like going back in time. If you tried to combine our iPods, mine would scream out in agony and commit technological suicide. It's not that the music is bad, it's just that some of it feels so dated.

The strangest thing I notice is that he's kept up with all the bands we used to enjoy. Did you know that Warrant released eight more albums after Cherry Pie? I sure didn't. It's like that with all the bands from that era. Dokken, Lillian Axe, Tora Tora, Danger Danger - the list could go on forever. It's not like I expected those bands to go away when I stopped listening to them, but it is surprising that they are still out there recording. If you've ever wondered how bands like that make a living after all these years, you have my brother to thank for it.

It's nice to hear some of the old favorites, and it's good to stick with my "roots" - but getting back to my own collection of MP3's was a welcome relief. If I would have listened to that stuff much longer I would have re-grown my mullet and tight-rolled my jeans.

Has anyone seen my high-tops?


Song on My Mind - "Dimension" by Wolfmother
Reading - "300" Graphic Novel by Frank Miller.

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