Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thank God!


My prayers have been answered!

I've just found out that March 14th is National Steak & Blow-Job Day.

I've been waiting for this for what seems like forever.

I'm not sure of all the formalities. I know on Valentines Day it's acceptable to receive more than one Valentine - so I'm guessing 3-4 Steaks and the accompanying Blow-Jobs should do me just fine. I don't want it to seem like I'm not embracing what could possibly be the best holiday ever.

I'd even go a step father and provide goggles, if that's the proper etiquette. (Safety First!)

This could possibly surpass Christmas on a "Great Holidays" scale.

I'll take my Steak medium-rare.
The Blow-Job?
I'll take it anyway it comes.



  1. Anonymous12:11 am

    I can't help but think it'll be a rare thing too.

  2. Bad News: It's March 14 and I'm 0 for 2.
    This is a travesty.