Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pillow Talk.

I got home tonight, had dinner and hit the couch to watch the Hockey game. (I couldn't get the Avs game, I had to settle for the Canucks.)

I'm not sure if it was the heat in the room, my full belly, or my comfortable couch - (Possibly all three.) but I dozed off for just a little bit between periods.

Now I'm wide awake.

(In case you are wondering, The Avs rocked Edmonton 5-1 - still chasing Calgary for 8th in the West. Oh yeah, Vancouver won too.)

The poker table will be my late night friend tonight. I'll probably play until I go mad, or win lots of play money.

Woo Hoo.


Song On My Mind - "Bobcaygeon" By The Tragically Hip.
Reading - "My Horoscope" By In The Newspaper.

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