Monday, March 26, 2007

Of Plague And Pox.

My kids are sick.

Not mentally sick, like their Dad, (That will come in time) but just not feeling well.
They both have had lingering colds and sniffles for the past week, and it just makes life that much more difficult.

There are two things that drive me crazy with a sick child:
  1. Patience - Kids don't have any. They don't understand that you have to wait it out, and that the medicine you gave them thirty seconds ago isn't going to make them feel better right now. Daddy can fix almost everything instantly, why can't he make them feel better so they can go out and play?
  2. Mucus - I said before that I should have invested in batteries before I became a Dad. My other stock option should have been Kleenex. The amount The Boy goes through is enough to deforest the Amazon all by himself. (I was going to make a crude masturbation joke involving lots of Kleenex here, but decided against it.) I am continually amazed by the twin rivers of snot that come out of a child's nose. Clean-up duty is almost a full time job.
That being said, I've tried to use all natural healing solutions drugging them is the only option.
Salves, ointments, pills, tonics - I'm given them a kid-friendly drug cocktail that'll have them seeing nothing but the inside of their eyelids for eight hours.

They are getting better, and soon they will be able to go and play with other people's germ-infested children once again. (And thus the circle perpetuates itself.)

Did you know there is a Children's NyQuil?
Who'd a thunk that? Next thing you know there will be Baby Jack Daniels.


Song On My Mind - "Tell Her This" By Del Amitri.
Reading - "Strangers In Paradise" Graphic Novel By Terry Moore.

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