Friday, March 16, 2007


Since I'm on holidays, I'm growing the beard.

Not a full fledged hippie beard. I'm just rockin' the Goatee. (or Van Dyke - depends who you talk to.) My job doesn't forbid having a Goatee, but I've never tried to grow one. I just don't like that scruffy in-between look. Thought I'd give it a shot while I'm not at work. (I have to do something productive, right?)

I'm not impressed with the amount of gray in the beard. Am I going to do anything about it? Hell no! I would never do one of those color kits for men. I think that it would be to much of a noticeable difference. I'll work on my distinguished Doctor Strange look.

(Has anyone seen my Eye of Agamotto?)

I'll keep it for a couple of days after I get back from holidays, just to see how it feels while I'm working. If I'm not liking it, I'll shave it off then.

But so far so good.
I feel like Ming the Merciless.
(It is Poker Night after all.)


Song on My Mind - "Thanks a Lot" By Third Eye Blind
Reading - "The Portable Poker Pro" By Lou Krieger/ Sheree Bykofsky

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