Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Feel...

  1. That the amount of mucus coming out of my right nostril should counteract the extreme dryness of my left. Unfortunately, it's not going to work that way.
  2. That trying to form a coherent, consistent thought out of my brain is like...oh look, there's a puppy.
  3. That the only people who should sniffle as much as I do are sick people and cokeheads. I'm too fat to be doing coke.
  4. That I should watch what I say around my children, even when joking. It's hard to explain to my son what "Hot, Three-way Action" is out of context.
  5. That the main problem with Halls™ is that they make everything you eat or drink afterwards taste just like Halls™. Not the sort of flavor I was looking for. Not since I quit chugging cough syrup for the codeine.
  6. That maintaining my sunny disposition despite wanting to collapse in a heap has been my biggest accomplishment today. (I think the drugs offer heaps of assistance.)
  7. That "Rolling up my Rim" and winning a coffee has become the new highlight of my day.
  8. That if those are my two biggest highlights - I really need some help.
  9. That this summer - I'm trying out flip-flops.
  10. That's it's been a long time since I've done a list.


Song on My Mind - "Bang the Doldrums" By fall out boy. (Go ahead, Joe - laugh.)
Reading - "The writing on the bottom of the NyQuil bottle" By Me.

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