Monday, March 12, 2007


I got a chance to play with the Nintendo Wii last night.
I've got to say - I'm a big fan.

I really want an XBox 360, but I can see purchasing a Wii first. It seems like a more "social" system. People who aren't even gamers can pick it up and play.

I was able to play some Wii Sports and Wario Smooth Moves last night.
The first is a really simplistic view of generic sports and the second is like Japanese anime on LSD. (If I was still doing drugs, Smooth Moves would be my game of choice.) I think the Wii is the only game system that you can actually sweat while playing. Not that I did, but I bet some of the tubby fucks who own this system are.

The vacation is going great - played Wii last night and tonight I'm going to introduce everyone to Poker... for money... This trip might just pay for itself.


Song on my mind - "Ishmael and Maggie" by The Trews.
Reading - "V for Vendetta" - Graphic Novel by Alan Moore.


  1. well, the trip will never pay for itself if you never call the fish! The Fish, or Ol' Togli to the natives, has a phone, and the number's secretly hidden within this comment.

    The fish has more money than brains. Think of the children!

    WV: sjugq, which isn't the phone number nor an aborginal name for The Fish.

  2. damn it...I want in that game...glad it's going well. Get all the luck out of your sysytem now so it's gone by Friday will ya..