Sunday, March 25, 2007

Head Case.

I've always posted about things that astound or amuse me. This time I need help answering a question.

What kind of idiot leaves the tags/stickers on a hat that he is wearing out in public?

Don't get me started on the straight-brimmed, loc'd tight baseball cap. I think it looks retarded, however I'm willing to let it slide in the name of fashion. But to wear it with all the tags and shit still attached? Who possibly thinks that looks good?

Mind you, it is a nice hat, and the Caucasian-Urban-Youth guy is pretty proud of it. He's got all the shit hanging from it, so I can see that it's from Zoo York, is stretch fit, and cost him about 34 dollars.

Maybe he's trying to teach others about current fashion trends. He's like a walking "how-to". ( Or "how-not-to") A mobile catalog, with prices and sizing listed where appropriate. I should have looked at his shoes to see if the tag was there. They were nice shoes.

I'm thinking I should leave the tags on all my stuff - just so people can observe my mad stylzes and see how much it costs to rock the cotton/poly blend look.

I didn't think so.

I'm at a lost for any other reason why the tags would still be there. If anyone can explain it to me, or at least make some sense of it all, let me know.


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Reading - "Watchmen" Graphic Novel By Alan Moore.

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  1. It was fashionable to do so. About 5 years ago.

    Hey! Doofus! Y2K called, and they want their hat back!

    wv: yqjlxhsh hardest. wv. ever.